11.12.13 :: MORNING - xanthe berkeley
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11.12.13 :: MORNING

11.12.13 :: MORNING

So I’ve clearly got a thing about dates with interesting numbers… as seen on 10.10.10 & 11.11.11 & 12.12.12


In fact, I’ve got a thing about numbers and the time – perhaps it’s just me, but I often find myself looking at the clock at 11.11, 21.21 and 22.22 – it’s a kinda nice spooky feeling.

Here in the UK today is 11.12.13 – this feels kinda special to me, so I’ve been documenting the day so far – Just iPhone photos so far to keep it simple and quick.

This morning was so beautiful on the walk to school… it reminded me of last year on 12.12.12 – with the mist lying really low.

We enjoyed Cosmo’s school Christmas show of Oliver – why do children singing so sweetly make me cry? Cosmo was a reveller in the pub singing “Om pah pah” along with Nancy. He looked mighty adorable, swinging his tankard with a painted on goatee.

Back home to finish editing photographs from this weekends portrait sessions and an exciting phone call about plans to come!

Finishing lunch now… and I’ll carry on with my day, gathering moments…

“So long, fare thee well
Pip! Pip! Cheerio!
I’ll be back soon.”

As they sang this morning (in fact it’s the song I’ve been hearing for days now…)



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