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I had a question today… 

I’m hoping to get one of your courses as a Christmas present but I’m unsure which one to ask for?”

I understand it might be a little confusing as to which of my online film making courses to choose from… so let me share a little about each course…

MAKE FILMS – This 10 week course is packed with fun, easy to make, film projects. Each week there’s a new prompt or shooting technique to try out… focused around making the mini films I love to share on Instagram, like Stop Motions, Time lapses, Slow mo stories, Video portraits, Day In The Life & lots more.

This course is great for all levels… there’s plenty of shooting tips and step by step guides to editing in iMovie for beginners, but also provides project ideas for those already creating films by themselves.

The community gathers on Instagram by sharing their films on Monday as part of #minimondaymovies and do check out the #MakeFilmsCourse hashtag to see the wonderful collection of films that have already been made.

The next session begins on Jan 9th 2018 – Hop over HERE for more details

Creating Time Capsule Films course is based around making films of your family. It’s focused on gathering every day moments and turning them into memories for you to enjoy for years to come. This course is now self-paced, with four projects available to create (although a lot of the ideas could make multiple films). Each one offers opportunities to tell your family stories and package them up in a film to enjoy forever… hence the name “Time Capsule”

This course is for all levels – beginners are welcome as they’ll be plenty of tips to get started shooting and step-by-step guides to editing in iMovie. Those people already making films might like some more inspiration of how they can capture their family.

Each project is inspired by films I’ve made and deeply treasure of my family. I share how I shot and edited them and give you all the tips to create similar films of your life. As this course is self-paced there isn’t an active community creating alongside each other. But there is an established Vimeo group full of films from past participants, it’s bursting with inspiration.

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to use video to preserve their family life in a simple and easy way.

The next session begins on Jan 19th 2018 – Head HERE for more details

Make Films : 12 is a new course offering, based on year long courses I hosted a few years ago. I found the people who’d previously taken my courses were looking for more inspiration and encouragement, to carry on creating films of their life. This course offers 12 project ideas to turn into a film once a month. It’s a great course for those already experienced making their own films or that have taken my previous courses and want to jump back into creating regularly.

You’ll be able to pick a mix from the 12 projects ideas and will shoot one film each month depending on what’s happening in your life and where in the world you are.

This course won’t share how to get started with shooting or the ins and outs of editing, it’s focused on project ideas, inspiration and encouragement. There will be a Facebook group community as part of this course, where films can be shared and the members can support and encourage each other, plus I’ll be hosting regular live Q&As and encouragement for the monthly projects.

Pre-launching on 15th Dec, the course officially begins Jan 12th 2018 – Head HERE for more details

If you’d like to create films of your family, then take Creating Time Capsule Films – But you can make family films in MAKE FILMS as well.

If you’d like to get started shooting video, take MAKE FILMS

If you’d like shoot films about your business, take MAKE FILMS

If you prefer to work at your own pace, take Creating Time Capsule Films

If you’ve been shooting video for a while and would like some more inspiration, take Make Films : 12

If you feel like you’d like to preserve your life as it is now through video, then take Creating Time Capsule Films

If you’d like to be part of a community working alongside each other, take MAKE FILMS or Make Films : 12

If you’d like to shoot stop motions, take MAKE FILMS

If you’d like to make regular monthly films, take Make Films : 12

Hope that helps… If you still can’t make up your mind, let me know and I’ll happily tell you more.


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