WEEK IN THE LIFE – MINI DAILY FILMS – JAN 2021 - xanthe berkeley
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First week of daily films in 2021… joining in with my Handmade Film Making course.

Kicked off the week with an ordinary Friday (above)… I was thinking this week was going to be like every other week I’ve had for the last year. But I was wrong…

Saturday was fun… What would I do without FaceTime? It’s helping me get through lockdown 3.0.

The snowy Sunday film started off magically but ended… Well… You’ll see how my day played out.

On Monday, I was waiting for the operation to fix my broken wrist. So I spend the day trying to type with one hand, taking painkillers and watching Junior Bake Off (love it!) and Married At First Sight, Australia – that program is ridiculous! Have you seen it?

I go back to hospital on Tuesday, to have a plate inserted into my wrist because the fracture is so bad. Hopefully this will put me in the best position to regain mobility in my wrist.

Wednesday was all about rest and recuperation… And Thursday would’ve looked pretty much the same, but I didn’t make the film in the end. I was happy just to have six daily films from this week instead of the usual seven.

It might seem crazy documenting all this, but I love joining in with my online Handmade Film Making course whenever I can.

Yes, most of my usual films are about the fun adventures I’m having – daily bike rides, swanning around London and looking for joyful things in our everyday life. But, sometimes life throws difficult situations at you and I still like to find a way to document it. I can’t turn off capturing moments of my life, it’s something I’ve always done. It’s so part of me.

I’m doing ok now, the healing is going will with not too much pain thankfully. It’s the mental struggle I’m finding harder – the knock to my confidence, having to turn down dream jobs and not ride my bike daily. I know this is temporary, but it’s still tricky some days.

Hopefully my wrist recovery goes well and I can be back creating films of fun things when the Handmade Film Making course happens in March!

If you feel inspired to start making videos and documenting life right now, using your phone. The Handmade Film Making course will run again in March, so come and join in, if you can. (There’s also a self-paced session if you can’t wait till then.)

The Handmade Film Making course starts March 18th. All the details are HERE.

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