WALTHAMSTOW TO BRIXTON - xanthe berkeley
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Recently I tagged along with Leonie, on her brilliant, (wish I’d thought of it) project, to travel to the ends of all the tube lines. (I’m a rubbish Londoner, having lived here a most of my life, there are many parts I’ve never seen)

Throughout this year Leonie plans to visit the stations at the end of each tube line, un-reasearched, leaving discoveries to unfold through her lens once she arrives.

I love this.

We explored the Victoria line, running north to south for about 35 mins.

North was first – Walthamstow. We let the signs lead us to the William Morris gallery, who knew?

We mooch, drink tea and play under the only bit of blue sky we see all day.

A yellow wall calls me from across the road, we play some more.

Hop back on the tube to the other end of the line, it’s lunchtime and we’re hungry.

Disappointment that our planned destination is closed is quickly dispersed, with mason jars of drinks and the most delicious lunch at honest burgers. So glad there’s one in Soho!

Stuffed with yumminess, we mooch a little around Brixton indoor market… pretty tables ready to serve food, and pops of colour everywhere…

A joyful day of shooting with no mission other than to let the day unfold & capture it. Thanks Leonie…



  • leonie
    Posted at 19:17h, 04 March Reply

    Oh, I love seeing our adventures through your eyes – beautiful!

  • Melanie Mackie
    Posted at 16:10h, 04 March Reply

    What a great idea to just see where the Tube takes you. I may try this very soon

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