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My trip to Paris back in June was see the lovely Irene,

to capture behind-the-scenes of her Tedx Event,

to hang out with Andrea and Ava

and just wonder the streets.

I had decided this trip was just about capturing still images… and was only going to shoot video for the Tedx event.  I had a few cameras with me and shooting polaroids with Andrea & Irene was a real highlight, as I crossed #9 & #25 off the list.

But as it happens I can’t just take one image… I see in movement, watch for movement and then keep shooting. I was so interested in people walking on the streets and in the tourist areas, so that’s what I have…

A little story of what I saw while walking in Paris.

We look at creating slideshows and stop motion as part of Creating Time Capsules… it’s a simple way of just using still photos to create motion, and tell a story….

Wanna learn how? Join us while there are still a few places left.

As it happens I’m back in Paris this weekend for Francesca’s birthday, and I can’t wait!

Happy weekend to you all x.



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