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I love Boomerangs….

Do you know what a Boomerang is? It’s a little video loop created in an app by Instagram.

It shoots a series of photos and turns them into a video clip that loops backwards or forwards depending how you set it.

The beauty of the Boomerang is it’s not like a regular video clip or even a GIF, because the action is played one way and then the other… and then repeated! So even really simple actions look cool.

This makes the app is really fun to play with. Boomerangs are fun to shoot and fun to watch.

I love shooting them with friends as they always make us giggle and I love introducing them to people who haven’t played before, as more often than not, the whole process brings out a smile.

It’s pretty simple to use. Let me show you.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up.

The full screen camera opens up. You can choose front facing or “selfie” mode.

You’re looking for little movements. I find if the movement is too quick, the loop is fast and blurred.

You tap or hold the shutter button to capture the movement.

It might take a couple of tries to get it how you have envisioned. But you also might create something that hadn’t occurred to you and this might spark further ideas of how to play.

Each time you shoot, you’ll be shown a preview. You can choose to save to your camera roll or share.

Then you’re ready to shoot another one.

You can check out all the Boomerangs you’ve made by clicking the square in the bottom left corner when you’re in camera mode.

More tips for getting the most out of creating Boomerangs.

ILLUMINATE – Find good light! The app doesn’t let you adjust the exposure of the frame – Please can you make that happen Instagram??!! The better the light, the crisper your clip.

EDITING – The options are limited within the app itself. You can add a filter and trim the clip down once you’re uploading in Instagram… you could even edit together a series of Booms together if you’d like.

THE SECRET MENU – you can adjust the settings like resolution and direction of action. Once you’re in the app, tap with four fingers, four times to bring it up. It can sometimes take a few tries to bring it up…

It looks like this….

RESOLUTION – The compression that happens when you upload a video clip to Instagram, can distort it, so I tend to shoot at 720p instead of 1080p as it seems to be smoother.

PLAY – The best results come from experimenting. It takes a while to figure out what movements work and how long they should be, plus when to press the shoot button… But that’s part of the fun and what keeps me playing with it.

THE APPS ARE CONNECTED – You can add your Boomerangs to your Instagram feed direct from the app, plus you can open Boomerang from within Instagram – When in the camera mode, tap on the small logo in the bottom right corner and it will open up the Boomerang camera. So they work together in perfect harmony…

SHARING – You can add your Boom masterpieces to your feed on Instagram or in your stories. For stories – Pull down when in camera mode to reveal your camera roll from the past 24 hours. Select your Boomerang and add to your story. The most recent update (10.11.16) to Instagram, now let’s you create Boomerangs directly in your stories, which is so cool!.

COMMUNITY – Find other people sharing their Boomerangs, by checking out these hashtags on Instagram – #boomerangoftheweek #boomerangbangbang #boomerangforinstagram #boomerangoftheday #boomerangfail and something new I’d like to start #theartoftheboom (Do let me know of any more in the comments).


PLEASE NOTE – These boomerang clips have been coverted into GIFs for this post.


  • Andrea Jenkins
    Posted at 03:39h, 11 November Reply

    well, this is brilliant. xo

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