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During May I’m hosting a few Video Walks… take a look here if you’d like to join one.

A video walk is a opportunity to play with shooting video on your mobile phone, alongside a group of creatives, as we walk and explore an area of London, capturing what we see to make into a mini film or Instagram Stories.

It’s a fun experience, as it gives you a chance to experiment with video in an easy way, to open your eyes to new things to capture, a chance to learn and see how other creative people work.

Here are my tips if you’re coming along…


Charge your battery on your phone, even a back up charger is a good idea… it’s surprising how quickly your battery can drain when shooting video. Also, make space on your phone, so there’s plenty of room for all the footage you’re going to shoot.

Check out the weather – Bring an umbrella if it’s raining or shades for a rare bit of sunshine! and dress appropriately. I think it’s fun (but not compulsory) to wear colourful outfits, especially as there might be opportunities to film each other. I always say shoes can be practical, but they’re much more fun, if they’re pretty!

It’s up to you but consider bringing water, snacks or even both. So your energy levels stay up.


On all my walks, I provide a few Joby Gorilla Pods to try out, these are great for shooting Time Lapses, for helping to stabilise panning shots or getting yourself into the frame. If you have one of your own, feel free to bring it, or you’re welcome to borrow one of mine.

Also, here are some apps worth downloading before the walk – Most of these are free and it’s not necessary to have them all, they are just suggestions.

For shooting –

Hyperlaspe – For Time Lapses

Boomerang – For creating short looping clips

8mm – For Super 8mm film look footage (£1.99)

For editing –

All of these are great, but you don’t need them all! Just pick your fav –

iMovie or Adobe Clip – Best for horizontal video

VidClips or Splice or VideoShop – These give you the option to edit with horizontal and vertical video 

Extras –

A Color Story – to enhance your video

Unfold – For Instagram Stories layouts


Before we set off, I’ll share some shots and angles, plus shooting techniques you can try during the walk, as it’s great to play with shooting your surroundings in a variety of ways. Let’s play and be creative as walk. We might get inspired by a location, for example…. shoot a Time Lapse or set up a group shot for some Boomerang play, or find some details worth a close up.

If during the walk, you have an idea for a certain shot – go for it. There’s nothing worse than going home wishing you’d tried that creative idea in your head.

The walk is also about connecting and making new friends… the conversation and things you learn from each other are a big part of the experience. Ask questions about shooting, apps and editing… Most people are willing to share what they know and I’ll certainly try my best to answer any of your questions.

We’ll finish off the walk by finding somewhere to gather and share what we’ve shot. This might be a chance to edit a few clips together into a film, or prepare some clips for an Instagram Story. I’ll be on hand to help if you need it.

These walks are about having fun, being creative and seeing our environment in a different way – I hope you’ll join us!!


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