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At the end of Blogtacular there was an announcement to join the Mollie Makes collaboration raffle – A chance to be paired with someone at the conference to collaborate on a project of your choice – I popped my business card in the jar, as it sounded fun.

Mollie Makes organised the whole thing and emailed to say I’d been paired with the lovely Susie Earlam

I was thrilled as we’d met on the photo walk – her red boiler suit made for wonderful photos! (I’ve still not written about the early morning creative stroll, along the Southbank – hopefully that post will come one day because some of the photos were so lovely!…)

Anyway, Susie and I have been brain storming via email and throwing a few ideas around of what we can collaborate on… and we’ve decided our project is…

I’m a big believer in printing photos… I love holding a print in my hand. I have boxes of photos, so many jumbled up memories and scrap books of glued-in photo moments.

There’s nothing quite like a printed photo in your hand.

During the final key note of Blogtacular – Anthony Peters spoke about brilliant his film – people creating work with their hands and producing something to hold… something physical… and not just something digital to view on the screen – this brought up so many emotions for me, as that’s how I feel about the printed image.

Of course it’s wonderful to view and enjoy our images on a screen – it’s quick and easy – but there’s something special about prints.

Lately I’ve fallen behind with printing my images….So this summer, Susie and I have pledged to print photos of our adventures and everyday life – to get the images off our devices & hard drives and into our hands. So our families can enjoy them or we can tuck them away for years to come or hang them on the wall – especially sun filled moments – that will help in those dark winter months.

You’re welcome to join us on our mission and pledge – I’m #printingmyphotos – in fact we’d LOVE to have you take part…

Both Susie and I will share the process on our blogs by sharing our fav places to print, and inspire you with tips to get organised and how you can display and enjoy your prints!.. Plus, over on Instagram we’ll be tagging #printingmyphotos to all our photos to be printed… That should help with the organising too…

Will you join us?

Imagine how amazing it will be to have a stack of photos to remember this summer by.


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