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Totally inspired by this beautiful post by Leonie…  thank you for the reminder.

This is what I’m loving, celebrating & remembering right now… My now. For there may not be a later.

1 :: the gorgeous weather – It’s so British I know… but it’s been glorious and we’re soaking up every bit of it’s goodness.

2 :: sushi sister date – a rare moment this week of sister time while we shoot some photos of her tea room.

3 :: our boys – high fives to the boys for their outstanding reports from school… and for the music that plays endlessly in our house.

4 :: hammocks & camping – more trips ahead… we can’t wait.

5 :: a special day for us – celebrating our journey together.

6 :: a portfolio site  – nearly finished, but enough for now (tweaks to come)… amazing to collate all my favourite images into one place… I love the On My Parents’ Island section the most.

7 :: family, friends & photos – How fortunate to have old and new friends to be with… to eat well around a table… share cups of tea & coffee… enjoy oysters on birthdays… continue bbq season… be creative together… have much needed long distance conversations.

Now is good.

It isn’t perfect. It shouldn’t be. There’s tricky stuff happening too, for us and for people I know and love but let’s focus on the good right now.

Happy weekend to you all… What’s good in your now?




  • leonie
    Posted at 07:00h, 18 July Reply

    So much to be thankful for. I think there is always likely to be tricky stuff. For me, my constant prayer is to handle it all with grace and an open heart.

    So very grateful for you

  • CathienChris Calder
    Posted at 00:27h, 15 July Reply

    So many good things in your NOW Xanthe. Sorry there are some difficult things too, but you are right. It’s shouldn’t always be easy. I can totally relate.

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