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So my latest e-course COLLABORATE starts tomorrow and I’m looking forward sharing the content and diving in with everyone.

This course gives you and your family plenty of simple project ideas, with tips & inspiration to make films together and gather memories for years to come. For 10 weeks, use your experiences & adventures, planned activities & shoots, as projects for your Time Capsule films.

Move to the next level by shooting and collaborating as a whole family, creating short fun Time Capsule films packed with memories, not only with what you create, but how they were created, together!

I know this course won’t appeal to everyone… and I pondered that for a while before putting it out into the world. I figured the take up for the course would be lower than my previous offerings because they had more mass appeal. COLLABORATE is aimed at a niche market… not everyone has children, or their children aren’t old enough to really be apart of the creating process, or they’re all grown up and no longer living at home or your children don’t have the equipment to play along… there are many reasons.

But you see, this is the kinda of class I want to do with my boys… to share my love of capturing moments and to see how they create their own stories – their own unique view of the world… I’d love the thought of us having films we’ve made together this summer.

Plus, this is the kinda of class I’d love to teach live… gathering families all together in one place, ready with their cameras to have some fun out shooting, then we all meet back and edit it together… That would be amazing! and something to consider for the future.

Thankfully a small number of wonderful families have felt the same as me, and joined up and I’m excited they’re taking part and I can’t wait to see what sparks within them on their individual COLLABORATE journey.

There’s still time to sign up if the idea of collaborating with your family to make you excited too… All the details are here…



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  • irenenam
    Posted at 19:11h, 06 June Reply

    I didn’t think it would be something that I’d want to do with my sons because my initial reaction was “there’s no way my boys would be interested in that” but I’m so glad I signed up. now I find myself giddy with anticipation (I really am!) and I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn along the way, and what wonderful memories/films we’ll share and create together. thank you my dear for creating such a meaningful, beautiful e-course.

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