THE GOOD LIFE EXPERIENCE 2015 - xanthe berkeley
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This weekend we said goodbye to summer with another wonderful time at The Good Life Experience…

Most of my favourite moments over the couple of days are in this Time Capsule film… I especially love the BIG smiles on our last ride on the swings before bedtime – The vintage swings were the biggest hit for our boys again this year. The quality of the footage may be pretty poor, but the joy shines through and the memory will now remain forever in the film.

The Good Life Experience was – Sunshine… good people… the great outdoors and so many brilliant workshops and activities to do! – although to be honest… I sat on hay bales, chatted and soaked up the atmosphere most of the time.

My few highlights were…

I loved watching everyone having such a great time… especially the children playing on the little hill and rolling pumpkins down it again and again.

Watching Luke and Duncan run whittling workshops for lovely groups of children – so sweet to see them pass on the skill of using a knife, to make patterns on a stick… it seemed to bring so much joy for all the kids involved.

Then Luke went on to help Karen and Laura make a spoon…

The Cuban band were amazing! I wish I’d gone inside the main music tent sooner!. I was lazing around outside on the hay bales (as I mentioned earlier…) and they sounded brilliant… but I’m so glad to sneaked up to the front of the stage to really soak up their talent and energy!

Spending time in the brilliant real life Sketchbook ClubJennie had created a special modules with a festival/camping theme… she filled the tables with colouring pencils and inspiration…. and then went on to give a lovely talk about her passion.

Camping alongside some of the ladies from the Sisterhood Camp and the chance to get to know their families. Friendships were made stronger and all the children played so sweetly together…

All in all… what a fabulous time! The Gladstones and Cerys Matthews and the whole team have created a really special festival… that feels like a big party full of friendly likeminded people – I hope it becomes a tradition to say farewell to summer at The Good Life Experience…. although next year, I’d love to camp with views of the castle! 

A few more pics… just because.

All photos taken on Canon 5DM3 – Time Capsule Film shot on DSLR and iPhone…

Learn to make your own films with my online courses – Creating Time Capsules or MINI Time Capsules. 


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