THE FAMILY NARRATIVE 2019 - xanthe berkeley
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Every time I attend or host an in-person workshop, I’m reminded how important it is to hang out with creatives who will inspire you and understand this wonderful creative life we inhabit.

The Family Narrative is a pretty special community… one I feel very honoured to have been invited to be part of. I gained so much from all the people I had a conversations with and spent time with.

I loved listening to all the talks and took nuggets of inspiration from each one –

Like Elena’s kick ass attitude to business and making things happen.

Colourful inspiration from Kahran and confirmation that personal projects are win win.

A peek into Nicki Sebastian’s vision, had me wanting to live in her world and shoot alongside her… forever.

Jenny J’s effervescence energy charged me up and made me remember everything I love about family photography.

Lauren’s soulful and gentle style had me wishing to photograph babies again.

Posy and Annemie gave solid practical business advice… tucked a few tips away for sure!

Adored seeing Felicia’s honest and emotional work, a reminder to look for the beauty in our every day life.

Nick’s cheerleading and encouragement throughout was such a gift.

So fascinating to watch people shooting and observe how they see the world, capture moments, and direct their subjects through photography.

But for a photography retreat, I actually only took a handful of photos! that’s what chatting and being present will do. But luckily, when I remembered, I hit record and gathered some video clips of my time.

Take a look…

If family photography is your thing and you’re looking to expand your community, I highly recommend attending this retreat. The word on the street is it will be held in a different location next year, and as ever, there will a whole new line up of amazing speakers. (One day they might invite me back… fingers crossed.)

Head over to The Family Narrative to be the first to hear any announcements.

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