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I have often thought that I wish we had thanksgiving here in the UK… but it would never catch on, as it’s pretty un-British to gush about the joys and delights of our lives… generally the Brits like to complain about most things (and mainly about the weather if I’m really going to stereotype).

So in my head I was going to be un-British today – I like to think of myself as a lady of the world anyhow…. practicing gratitude daily.

… and this post was going to be all about that.

But since the day began, it’s lead me down this rocky path… of complaining and even a few tears.

What???? Not what I’d planned.

And all I could think was I’m not thankful for –

The idiots who caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to Luke’s bike.

Our cat who has decided to venture on to the street last night, hide in a neighbours cellar and then a bush… and then disappear. Still unfound. Oh joy.

The unhelpful neighbour. With her unhelpful comments.

And the insomnia that kept me awake till the early hours – if only I’d know the cat was missing, I could have gone looking for her instead of wasting hours trying to get to sleep.


It’s true. Complaining… moaning and having a pity party is pretty useless in the long run.

So it’s back to the thankful.

I’m sure the cat will come home. Eventually. She’s the best lap cat you could ask for.

Bike insurance. That’s what it’s for, well… that’s if they pay the bill. If not… well, we’ll figure it out.

The boys are good, so is Luke.

We’re healthy. And together.

We have food in the cupboards and warmth.

So yes, actually, plenty to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.


Two more days left of the November Challenge! – Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.


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  • Kate Inglis
    Posted at 22:04h, 28 November Reply

    Happy thanksgiving. I hope your cat is safe and home with you soon. x

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