THE BEAUTY OF LOOKING BACK - xanthe berkeley
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I’m beavering away this week pulling everything together for the start of my new course COLLABORATE which opens this Friday… I’m so enjoying creating the content, sharing my thoughts and gathering practical tips to help families make films of their moments, into Time Capsules of their memories.

I’m creating lots of project ideas and pulling examples from my archives as inspiration to spark ideas for participants to create thier own magic.

I watched this earlier…

It made me cry, as I watched our previous life flash before me.. the emotions washed over me, it really took me by surprise.

I remember all of the shots in it,

I remember interviewing the boys that Saturday afternoon,

I remember putting the film together late in the evenings as I was surrounded by boxes and should have been packing…

But knowing if I didn’t make this Time Capsule film right in this moment, whilst still living in the old house… I would never get round to completing it in the new one.

This film is a great example of why I love the work I do… and why I want others to make these little bits of magic because I feel so strongly that it’s so beautiful to look back and feel those feelings again, as life moves so quickly. Even though this film is only 6 months old. Our life is so different already.

These films continue to be my treasures.

If you’re moved to get on board and make Time Capsule films alongside your children… just like I did in this film… there’s still time to sign up for COLLABORATE…


The time has come to announce the random winners from my giveaway last week… Thank you to everyone for taking part…

I’ve decided to give away 3 places instead!…

Here are the fortunate winners chosen out the hat…

domesticali – Alison Hudson

Shari Barns

Sarah Severson

I look forward to seeing what you all create… I’ll be sending an email with all the details soon…


  • CathienChris Calder
    Posted at 07:57h, 07 June Reply

    Beautiful videos as always Xanthe. I think I’m on to my 3rd Xanthe course. I hope they never end! 🙂 I remember watching this when you first made it and enjoyed watching it just as much this time. To all those thinking about doing the course, do it. You won’t regret it. 🙂 Not only do you get the lovely Xanthe guiding you through, you meet some wonderful like minded people along the way. And the creativity well….. what can I say… it’s incredible.
    Your boys are just beautiful. xo

  • Jill
    Posted at 14:54h, 06 June Reply

    Congrats to the winners!

  • robyn wells
    Posted at 18:44h, 05 June Reply

    darn it! I had all my fingers and toes crossed. I just love watching your videos so much. So inspiring.

    • robyn wells
      Posted at 18:45h, 05 June Reply

      Is this the kind of class that is only offered once, or could a person sign up for it later and get the same information still?

      • xantheberkeley
        Posted at 22:53h, 05 June Reply

        I hope to run the class again, should there be enough people interested. It would be in a month or so. x.

  • Kathleen Fordyce
    Posted at 14:38h, 05 June Reply

    What a beautiful video…..about how long does a video like this take you to make?

    • xantheberkeley
      Posted at 14:58h, 05 June Reply

      This is a great question 🙂
      The most time consuming part was gathering the photos together – that took a few hours to find photos on various harddrives. Then the shooting for the interview section – probably 30 mins. Once I have all the material, it’s a pretty simple edit cutting the footage and photos together – probably a couple of hours or less.
      Hope that helps 🙂

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