THE 100 DAY PROJECT - 2019 - xanthe berkeley
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THE 100 DAY PROJECT – 2019

THE 100 DAY PROJECT – 2019

I loved doing #100daysonmybike last year, so I’ve been pondering what to do for The 100 Day Project this year.

A few ideas kept cropping up but I wanted something that’s just quick creative fun… that brings that experimental joy back. A chance to create just to create.

So I decided video shot in vertical is going to be my medium and Instagram Stories is where I’m going to share these little mini clips of video… these could be Boomerangs, single clips, multiple clips, stop motion, slow mo teatime, street stories or Day In The Life – anything goes in terms of content and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

My guidelines for #100daysofVerticalVideo are – has to be at least one video of something from that day, shot in vertical, between 3 – 15 secs and uploaded to Stories.

I did a test week, which I’m so glad about because I was originally going to do just video loops, like Boomerangs… but I think I’ll find it more interesting experimenting with a variety of ideas.

Let’s see how it goes… You can follow along on daily over on my Stories and I’ll save them to the “100 day project” highlight, if you’d like to see them all together.

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