TEN YEARS AGO TODAY - xanthe berkeley
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Ten years ago, on 11.11.11 – I made this morning routine film using video and photos, as part of a series of Day In The Life films for that 11.11.11 special date. This was before vlogs were really a thing and way before video content had became such a big part of our online world. This project sparked my love of documenting the everyday moments through video. It was even the catalyst for my first online course!.

Even though at the time, every day felt the same, I knew life would change and one day I would yearn for these moments and would want to look back on my memories. Watching this makes me remember this day like it was yesterday. I feel all the emotions of that time.

Life is different now, of course… My mornings look like this…

This is my routine, on the days that I’m working at home. As I don’t have a commute, I like to get out on my bike first thing, especially at the moment when the trees are changing daily and if the morning sun makes an appearance – that’s a bonus! 

This is a reminder to document your moments through video. It’s so much easier now than it was 10 years ago!. We have all this technology and equipment in the palms of our hands. Don’t get caught up in creating just to feed the algorithm. Capture memories for the future YOU. You’ll be so pleased you did. I’m so grateful for the many videos of my everyday life that I have.

Documenting your day through video is the project for my online course – Handmade Film Making.

During the course, I give lots of tips of how to shoot video and capture snippets of what you’re doing during day. Giving you a chance to notice and celebrate the ordinary moments of your life, as it is right now. I encourage you edit a series of daily videos every day for a week… as it can be great to commit to creating regularly because you get a chance to practice and hone your skills, learn from your mistakes & wins and get quicker at the process of shooting & editing video. By the end of course, should have a collection of videos that represent your life as it is at the moment, which will be wonderful to look back on in years to come.

Come and join the fun… The Handmade Film Making course starts on Thurs 25th Nov. 

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