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“Do something that scares you” was Joy Cho’s advice during her keynote opening speech at Blogtacular, as she gracefully told her creative story.

Her speech was inspiring and her journey encouraging…

As I was set to go beyond my comfort zone and into scary.

A photo walk was my comfort zone – I do photo walks regularly, I get people excited about it, I encourage them in front of my camera – it’s fun and something I love.

Putting together & giving a last minute talk about my films & storytelling through video – This was NOT my comfort zone.

But with the support of Luke who helped with my presentation and the belief from the Kats at Blogtacular. (Thank you.)

I did it. On Saturday afternoon, I stood up in front of some lovely people and shared my films, with project ideas and storytelling tips to inspire people to tell stories through video.

I did it.

Nervous is an understatement. There were moments I couldn’t breathe. But I did it… and the response from the lovely people was wonderful. Some of these people have been contacting me sharing the films they’re already making – I could burst!

And now, there’s a chance for those of you that couldn’t be there to buy a virtual ticket to Blogtacular, to watch my talk and all the other amazing speakers.

I thought I’d give a little flavour here, by sharing some of the films I used as project ideas to get people started.

Making films that are collections of moments are a great way to start film making. You can gather clips that have a similar theme – for example the film above is all about moving… on different modes of transport, or movement within the frame.

It’s also possible to shoot a whole film on a mobile device – this was shoot on the iPhone with a Lifeproof case with the theme of being in and around water.

You can capture snippets of footage over a period of time – for example the summer holidays and then compile together your favourite memories.

You can make a linear film – so it follows a time line. One of my favourite stories is the morning routine. This time of day can feel the same everyday and then slowly over time it shifts and life is different. Capturing these everyday moments is where the idea of a Time Capsule film was born. Here are all my memories of 11.11.11 wrapped up in one film…

Films don’t always have to be packed with beautiful imagery, it’s about the story you want to hold on too. This film is a mixture of iPhone photos and a conversation with our boys before we moved house. Interviews are a great way to gather stories on any subject and then mixed in with photos to enrich it more.

Finally, this simple film was made in one afternoon, a short interview and then filming of all things he likes to do in different angles – mixed with a little photo stop motion to break the footage up.


I’m sure you can think of many more projects ideas and stories you can tell through video. Hopefully this sparks something in you to grab your camera (any camera will do) and capture your life as it is right now.

And if you’d like more guidance & inspiration of what & how to shoot and then edit it altogether into your own films… well, my course Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY opens for registration tomorrow… all the details are here and I love to have you join in.



Blogtacular 2014 Official Photos by Will Ireland. Thanks Mollie Makes

  • Kat
    Posted at 17:23h, 19 July Reply

    Xanthe, thank you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone and for stepping up when we needed to fill a space. We cannot thank you enough for the hard work and inspiration you poured into your sessions. They were both exceptional as we had no doubt they would be. Thank you for being a HUGE part of the magic x

  • Kelly_A place of my own
    Posted at 20:05h, 16 May Reply

    Those videos are amazing, I didn’t manage to see your video session at Blogtacular and have already purchased my virtual ticket so I can. This post has me completely hooked so I have signed up to your course. I am so excited.

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