SISTERHOOD CAMP 2015 - xanthe berkeley
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Last weekend was all I imagined it to be… and more.

Lou’s vision of Sisterhood 

…to support, nurture and share creativity. The antithesis of the everyday competitive world.

It was just what we needed.

When you bring a group of creative people together magic happens, I’ve seen it happen before and I love being part of it.

The film above gives just a small flavour of the experience – it was peaceful, plenty of photo opportunities, good conversations, creative collaborations, plans made and friendships born & nurtured.

In the time we had together, so much happened… and I took way too many photos & video footage, so there’s going to be another post (or two!) to follow… especially of the golden hour shoot! – It was pretty special! – beautiful light & wonderful ladies putting themselves in front of the lens and gorgeous Toast robes to play in.

The weekend was packed with lots of activities…

I prefer capturing the ‘behind the scenes’ and finished results rather than actually taking part. I swooned over the flowers crowns and admired the hanging shibori fabrics wafting in the wind.

For our cliff top picnic, we lounged on rugs over looking the sea and were serenaded by musicians who happened to be busking near by.

Very grateful for friends to pose & play in front of my camera –

I could’ve photographed these two all day long!

Our location was LoveLand Farm – sleeping & dining in these futuristic pods in the most beautiful countryside….

and a 10 mins drive to the most beautiful beach – which I hope to take the boys to this summer.

It was a weekend packed with wonderful moments… can’t wait to share some more photos later this week.

Thank you everyone involved in putting it together and making it such a beautiful experience.

If you’re interested to hear more about Sisterhood camp in 2016 – Sign up to the mailing list HERE.

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