SHOOTING A DAY IN THE LIFE - 11.11 - xanthe berkeley
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I’m so passionate about Day In The Life films… (as I’m sure you already know!)

My love started on 11.11.11 and since then, I’ve regularly made all sorts of DITL films.

From full on ‘the whole day’ ones, to mini Instagram ones – each filled with moments from that day and preserved forever.

When I look back at each film, I’m so happy that I have it.

So I’m planning to shoot another one on 11.11, which is this Saturday. Obviously I have a thing for interesting dates!… but mostly I love a project and a reason to create another Time Capsule film.

I haven’t announced a project in advance for a while now, I’m always a bit nervous to do so, in case I’m ill on the day or if there’s an emergency… and I end up not being able to create. But this is just mini project (and who knows if anyone reads my posts any more!), so I’m putting this out there early, to see if anyone else would like to join me…

I’m going to make a Day In The Life film on 11.11 – document in the same way as I did for my original film, with photos and video, even try and recreate some scenes from 2011 if I can. I’d like it to feel different from my usual recent weekend films, and see if I can conjure some of the emotion from the first 11.11.11 film….  I’m not sure if this possible – let’s see!

Would you like to create a DITL film on Saturday alongside me?

Let me know what you think….

Hey…. if you’ve never shot a Day In The Life before, check out this post with lots of tips!



  • Katiusca
    Posted at 14:02h, 08 November Reply

    I love your blog posts! I think I will join in. 🙂

    • xanthe
      Posted at 15:40h, 10 November Reply

      Thats great news! Enjoy your day.
      Hope you come back and share a link of your film xx

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