SCENES FROM SEPTEMBER - xanthe berkeley
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September was a month of lots of change, a little sad at times… with joyful moments sprinkled in. The 2020 emotional rollercoaster keeps on giving!. Pushed myself to grab a clip or two of video on my phone here and there, so I could create this monthly compilation of one second clips.

I like to call them “Memory Postcards” because each one second clip feels like a snapshot of that particular moment in time, almost like sending a postcard to my brain to tigger a memory.

The month of September may have been melancholy and difficult in parts but I can see from this video, there were snippets of goodness, smiles and plenty of bike rides.

If you’d like to create your own Memory Postcards film – I’ve written a blog post with tips and encouragement to create your own. I’m sure you’ve got a few random video clips from recent times that would be great to put into a movie, to look back on in years to come.

If you’d like more guidance to start shooting and editing video to make your own films… My online course Handmade Film Making is happening from Oct 22nd and the self paced version is available anytime. You can find more details HERE.

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