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I’ve been reminiscing again…

This time looking at 12.12.12… it’s the 12th tomorrow!! these films were made only three years ago… but feels like WAY longer…

I literally just finished watching all of these, as I’m putting them into my new course space for the 2016 round of A YEAR OF CREATING TIME CAPSULES starting next week.

These films are a complete joy to me… those boys, I remember them like this of course, but they’re SO different now… not just the teeth and size of them, but also the little people they were… is so different to who they are now. I doubt I’d be able to get them to dance in front of the camera now!.

What a blessing to have this record of life on that day. I can’t stop smiling!

In fact, so much is different… the little things in the background that made up our life then, have changed… our home, our routine, our sofa, our car, our work, our activities… the list goes on. But they are preserved here.

I had another post scheduled to announce the winners of my giveaway… but I had to share these instead because they represent everything that a Time Capsule film should be.

A gift for the future.

What a pleasure it’s been transporting myself back to 2012.

Now… on to the winners… Picked randomly…

On the blog – Mel Whibley & on my Instagram post – themonsterandme

I’ll be in touch with the details you need.


If you didn’t get picked, don’t fret yet… I’ll be doing another giveaway on Monday for a couple of places on MAKE FILMS starting in January… stay tuned.

But there’s still time to join A YEAR OF CREATING TIME CAPSULES if you’d like to create some films to be your gift for the future…

The course starts on Wednesday 16th Dec… with registration remaining open till mid January for those wanting to start in the new year. I hope you’ll join us.

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  • Bex Jenkins
    Posted at 21:57h, 11 December Reply

    Oh Xanthe – that was lovely. I’ve got a two year old boy and already so much has changed and I’ve forgotten so much! You think you’ll never forget but you do. Your Time Capsules are precious.

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