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A mixed bag of favourite podcast episodes I’ve enjoyed recently, which is wonderful, because you never know what nuggets of wisdom or entertainment you’re going to find, when you tune in.

Here are a few favs that I made note of when I’d finished listening… to share with you. I hope you enjoy them too!

A couple of How To Fail With Elizabeth Day episodes worth mentioning –

Lisa Taddeo – what an interesting woman. Found the back story to how she spent many years researching and writing Three Women, so fascinating. This interview is vulnerable and beautiful.

Also, as Elizabeth says in the show notes –  Alain de Botton, one of the most intelligent, eloquent and thoughtful people on the planet. This episode is he shares ‘failure concepts’ and I know I’ll be bookmarking this to return to again and again.

As a fan of Grace and Frankie, I enjoyed hearing more from Lily Tomlin on WTF and her early life and how she got started in show business. You could tell Marc loved her too.

Radio Lab always takes me on an interesting journey… What’s Left When You’re Right – This is so good! The segment about the gameshow Golden Balls especially but the whole episode is an interesting look at the price of being right.

Totally adored This American Life episode. The host takes us through a series of stories about how people recognise, document and enjoy the small delights of life.

The Goop Podcast with BJ Miller – I listened to this by accident as I was driving and I couldn’t change it. So glad I did. What an interesting man and field of work. Also, loved listening to Shauna Shapiro… It may be a little “woo woo” for some, but I took away a few nuggets of gold and some practices I’d like to try.

Nir Eyal on Hashtag Authentic – Such a good episode. Practical ways and inspiration for time blocking and getting more out of your day. Didn’t realise how much I needed this knowledge and guidance till I started listening.

Marian Keys on Fortunately – Loved hearing her perspective…. what a delightful and insightful woman.

And finally, for some uplifting musical relief from Soul Music – Listen to what Toto’s Africa means to some people. It’s beautiful.

If you’d like more suggestions, take a look at previous posts and do share any recommendations you think I might like.

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