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Last year we had such a good time at Somersault Festival – you can read my top ten highlights here…

So we were eager to return and this time lots of friends and their families came with us…

but so did some terrible weather!

There was vast amounts of rain… I’ve never seen so much mud! especially where we were camping, it was like mud soup – not fun!

Fortunately we had one day of sunshine and the full festival spirit was enjoyed!

Some of my highlights were… (as it’s best not to focus on the lows of the mud…)

Bombay Bicycle Club – What an amazing set with guest appearances by Lucy Rose and Rae Morris for my favourite songs!. Our boys weaved their way to the front of the stage to experience it all fully – they said it was incredible – I wish I’d been able to see their faces, but I don’t think my ear drums could’ve taken it.

Other music highlights…

Passenger – What a cool dude, held the drenched audience mesmerised with his humour and singalong songs…. Same goes for Jimmy Cliff – it was pouring with rain during his set, but he got everyone smiling and singing. On Friday night, the sweet sounds of The Staves was delightful and uplifting.

Plenty of childhood games – A whole grassy area for games kept us amused and the children busy – three legged & sack races, hold the balloon, relay races with a leek and kick a ball with a long dangly thing between your legs – Hmmmmmm….

And a huge game of musical benches – with the elimination dance and “Elimi-naaaa-shoon” sung over and over again!

High fives to the team running all the events, their energy and general good vibes and humour was a pleasure to watch.

Hanging out with friends… As the boys are older now, they spent most of the festival experiencing it by themselves – they’d go off in small groups and order their own food, play volleyball and buy too many sweets! plus make a little cash on the side, by collecting cups to be recycled – 10p a cup turned into a profitable business.

They had a great time with their mates and us adults (and the younger children) listened and danced to the music.

A good time to be had for all.

The people watching wasn’t quite as good as last year – I guess the weather meant not as many wonderful costumes and dress up time… but there was still plenty to feast the eyes on…

Here are a few more of my favourite frames in the sunshine & rain…. thanks Somersault 2015!

All photos & films shot on Canon EOS 5DM3


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