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Memories from – day 14 of our big hopeful adventure.

It’s hotter than ever, Luke can’t stop sweating ~ we head from Kampot to the coast, Kep – the home of the Blue Crab. On route we pass the market and the huts on the beach, with hammocks a plenty, where the locals enjoy picnics and eat BBQ crabs. The thought of this makes me hungry.

We organise a boat to Rabbit Island. It’s the hot mid day sun, and the boat has no shelter, so the boys & I shade ourselves with our sarongs ~ as the boat drives along the beach, you can see just huts and palm trees, and hardly any people ~ it’s so peaceful.

We place our lunch order, Jake says the food will take a while here ~ so there’s time for a swim. We lounge in the shallow water that’s the temperature of bath water.

Delicious Kep crabs arrive in Kampot pepper for lunch, we could have eaten them all afternoon. The sauce is dreamy, I’ve never had pepper and crabs before… we were wiping the sauce clean off the plate.

Back into the sea, for more wallowing. Even after walking out really far, the water only reaches your waist.

It’s so hot, cheeks go pink ~ we lounge in the shade seeking treasures. With just the sound of waves and the occasional boat going by.

Finally a stroll along the beach as we wait for the boat back to the main land – it’s running on Khmer time.


Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.

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