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Goodness me, July has been a huge month in my world… various of photo sessions, a wedding, attending a workshop but mostly pouring my heart into creating & running Behind The Scenes with Kim.

It’s been quite a journey for both of us… I’ve loved working with Kim and between us we’ve created some wonderful content that I’m really proud of. We’ve already seen how many of the participants have already grown their online presence and are truly flying on their own creative journeys. Since the class finished on Friday, the most heartfelt emails and comments have come our way, making me burst with gratitude.

I thought I’d share some of them here and let you know that the second round will be opening for registration next week. We’d love to have you on board…

Gitanjali said… Behind the scenes has been packed to the brim with so much goodness! Each post has me stimulated and gently urges me to think about endless possibilities that my blog can become. Each post empowers me to become the blogger of my dreams.

My very favorite part of this course has been the lovely, free flowing Skype conversations between Kim and Xanthe. I feel like they are my friends and that we are chatting over a cup of coffee. They are no longer artists that I admire from a distance. Rather they are warm human beings who are on the same journey as me. Together we explore new frontiers and create new landscapes. 

For this, I will be ever grateful. 


Robyn said… Thank you so much for a fun filled and great learning experience these past 4 weeks! I am so surprised at what I can do now on my blog, with photoshop and all the other wonderful websites you introduced us to! You’ve inspired me to try new ideas for my posts.

I’m sorry to see the class come to end. It’s like the feeling you get when you finish a good book and you feel like you are losing a good friend.

See you at the next class. 


Barb said… Such an amazing class – inspirational and technical – killer combination! 


Roxi said… Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome, did I say awesome? Now I need to go back and really dive in to the parts I skimmed. I think you both went above and beyond the call of duty with all the great information you’ve shared. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! 


Kristina said… Your course was perfect for boosting my creative energy and has me even more excited about my blog and the community I hope to create at Moms Who Click.  I felt like I was in a blogging rut and this was exactly what I needed.    You reminded me that I am exactly where I need to be and I realized that I’m actually in a great place (sometimes we forget that, right?). 

Anyway, your ideas for content were terrific, your tutorials on creating various elements to spruce up your blog were easy to follow and helpful and the community that your course brought together was fantastic.  I “met” so many wonderful, supportive bloggers through your course.  Thank you for bringing us all together and for sharing your gifts. 

Registration opens on Aug 1st… will you join us? All the details are here.


  • francesca
    Posted at 21:10h, 26 July Reply

    go xanna! well done. so glad all the hard work paid off. x

  • erika
    Posted at 18:23h, 26 July Reply

    I totally forgot to say thanks to you & Kim for involving my blog in your workshop. People came over and said really nice words. That’s always sweet. Thanks again!

  • geetlee
    Posted at 17:02h, 26 July Reply

    Hi Xanthe,

    Both of you were beyond awesome 🙂 I can’t wait for your time capsule class though I admit that I have a PC and therefore am already stressing about movie making.. hahaha
    Anyhow, I watched your outtakes video on Behind the scenes yesterday (I’m still on Day 15.. working my way through) – You were brilliant! Thank you for sharing all the silly parts.. it makes me even more confident that I can do this too and that we are all in this together.

  • Sherri B.
    Posted at 16:52h, 26 July Reply

    It was absolutely lovely to take this class, I agree…your self-portrait photo is awesome.

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