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I love a photowalk – totally LOVE it!

A group of creatives all together… walking… chatting and photographing the beauty around them, sharing tips and Instagram stories… and making fun photos with the people they’re with.

It can be such a good time… opening your eyes to new things to photograph, a chance to learn and see how other creative people work.

Back in June, I hosted photowalks at the Mollie Makes Homemade awards and then at Blogtacular.

For Blogtacular, our early morning jaunt along the Southbank was super colourful. The walk was sponsored by one of my favourite stores and all around lovely brand – West Elm – they were such great support of our photo walk, that they’ve very kindly invited me to host another couple of photo walks with them.

We’ll start at their store in Tottenham Court Road, stock up on caffeine and energy to explore. Then we’ll head out and discover the delights of the surrounding areas – capturing things we see and the people we’re with. All levels of photographer are welcome and feel free to shoot on your chosen camera – iPhone or DSLR. After we’ve finished walking and shooting, we’ll head back to West Elm to relax on their sofas, enjoy refreshments while we edit & share our photos on Instagram.

The cost to register is £20 – All the details to sign up are here –

Saturday 12th Sept at 9.30am

Saturday 17th Oct at 9.30am

I hope you’ll be able to join us –

Check out my tips for an awesome photo walk here…

If you got any questions, please contact me or leave a comment below.

Photos captured on Canon 5Dm3 & iPhone – taken at Blogtacular, Mollie Makes Handmade Awards & an Instameet.


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