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Paris for the day is always a good idea.

Hopped on the Eurostar early morning. I’d booked my tickets back in October, so they were a great deal at £29 each way. Also, as a AmEx card holder, you can enjoy the lounges at both stations and this really does elevate the travelling experience!

Once I arrived, I strolled to Hôtel Des Arts et Métiersto meet friends. (It’s lovely there).
We had lunch at Cafe Pinson, where they served delicious vegan and gluten-free food.

Then dragged ourselves away to wander around the pretty streets. Warmed up with Earl Grey tea and then steak n frites, before catching the train back.

Such a tonic to grey and cold January.

1/50 places before 50

With my birthday coming up in March, it will then be 5 years till I’m 50. So I’m starting a long term project of “50 places before 50”.

I’d hoped to do to just “cities” that I haven’t visited before but this feels too ambitious. The broader suggestion of “places” feels achievable as this could be anything… a city, a town, a restaurant, a country, a park, etc. Wherever or whatever – it’s about organising and making “50 experiences” happen regularly over the next 5 years.


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