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Back in October at the Shuttersisters Oasis, we had the opportunity to play with underwater photography… Wonderfully, LifeProof sponsored us by providing a few cases to play with. I jumped at the chance to experiment and had so much fun making images in the pool.

I knew the LifeProof case would come in handy while on our big hopeful adventure, as we would have plenty of water opportunities… the sea, swimming pools and river action. In the end, I kept the case on the whole time, knowing that I was ready to take underwater footage at any moment, and also, my phone was protected from sand, dirt and sunscreen throughout.

I’m in full editing mode at the moment, with quite a few Time Capsules films being created at once, as I cull through my footage. I’m playing with different ideas, and trying to create a few different Time Capsules of our adventures, so I have films that are more than just holiday videos.

In my courses, I talk about sometimes making a Time Capsule film with a theme. Your theme could be on just on one subject shot over a period of time… Having one theme means you can really hone in on that subject. Another suggestion is having a thread that follows through the story, as a great way to help with pace and keep the story flowing. A thread is something that reoccurs throughout your film… you keep repeating it at different times in different situations, during the piece and can help keep the viewer interested.

So what a long intro to my latest Time Capsule film!

I shot a lot in the water… all the boys were very up for experimenting and getting involved… we were full of ideas of what could they do in front of the camera next! So this is what we created together. With the theme of water… and there’s a small thread throughout… I didn’t notice so much at the time of shooting, but it appears Cosmo likes offer the “thumbs up” frequently!… so I sprinkled this action throughout the film.

All shot with the 8mm app on the iphone, safely inside a LifeProof case… edited in iMovie

For my class A JOURNEY I encouraged people to shoot stories with their iphone or other mobiles, as it’s often the camera we have with us most of the time. I made a tutorial with a few tips for shooting with the iphone that I’ve learnt along the way…

So I thought I’d make another one just for underwater shooting with your iphone… just in case my film has inspired you & you’d like a go.

Making this water Time Capsule film has me all excited for summer! All that sunshine, swimming and jumping in water makes me so happy…



  • Mari Gildea
    Posted at 00:29h, 10 May Reply

    That underwater video was fantastic! I love all your videos. I agree with everyone in that your have inspired me to create more photos and videos. Thanks you!

  • andreacj
    Posted at 18:47h, 09 May Reply

    oh gosh, xanthe. I just love this. and I hope to make a little underwater film someday half as lovely as this. you inspire me, lady. xo

  • Shari Barnes
    Posted at 17:36h, 09 May Reply

    LOVELY film, Xanthe! I am taking your time capsules class and absolutely love it! 🙂 Thanks for this info about the LifeProof case. I have been thinking about getting one. After seeing your video, I popped online and ordered one! I can’t wait to use in the pool this summer!

  • francesca
    Posted at 17:05h, 09 May Reply

    nice to see mipter luke popping up in your films a bit more 🙂

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