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This summer, would you like to shoot and edit video into films of your life?. Whether you’re a beginner who’s never shot any video or edited a film together… to someone with experience who would like a reminder of how amazing these films can be and some guidance with project ideas and a schedule to follow, plus that important ingredient – accountability!

I’ve got you covered!

First up, MAKE FILMS begins on June 25th. For six weeks, there will be lots of inspiration and a weekly prompt to spark the creation of your film. We concentrate on a different type of film every week, like shooting in slow motion and time lapse, creating fun stop motions and video portraits, plus how-to demonstrations and telling the story of your weekend. There are so many stories you can tell!. I’ll be sharing my process; the key points to guide you through your projects. It’s packed with information to get you creating and making films.

Registration is open now, come and join the fun! – MAKE FILMS.

Check out the #makefilmscourse tag to see what’s been created by previous and current participants.


Then in July, you can join in with… the fun 10 day course Handmade Film Making, where you’re encouraged to make a daily film for a week, using just your phone. It’s a brilliant challenge, as you learn so much through the process of daily practice. Plus, there’s the bonus of noticing how wonderful your life is, by documenting your everyday moments and having all these daily memories to look back on from your Week In The Life.

Take a look at some of the wonderful films made on the last courses – #handmadefilmmaking

It runs between July 18th – July 27th… Head over here for more details.

And finally, the special session of Creating Time Capsules has already started, but there’s still time to join and make memories.

This course is such a treasure to me. Its premise is about making films packed with moments and memories to be enjoyed in years to come. I’ve adapted the original course into a SPECIAL SUMMER SESSION, with a focus of gathering all your glorious sun-filled moments into a film each month, that beautifully documents your summer of 2019.

Registration will remain open all summer long, so jump in when you can.

Hopefully one of these courses sounds like your cup of tea… Come and join us in this summer!

Please note – All courses will cover the basics of getting shooting and an overview in editing. These materials will cross over into all three courses , as will some of the project ideas. So if you’ve taken my courses before, you will see similarities from course to course, because the basics needed are the same.

But the focus and some of the project ideas are different in each course, so choose the one that alines with the type of films you’d like to make and the timeframe you’ve got to create.

If you’ve got any more questions, check out each course page individually or leave a comment below.



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