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I’ve had this half written post hanging around here about NATURE… because all my beliefs about how important it is for children to be out and submerged in all it delights, were confirmed after watching this brilliant film.

I’d heard about Project Wild Thing during the fundraising stages and have been following it’s development, eager to see the finished piece. Then a couple of weekends ago we all went to the opening weekend nearby in Hackney.

The film takes you on a journey as the creator tries to promote “NATURE” to children… sounds obvious right? but you’d be surprised at how many children (especially as they get older) don’t get out into nature enough and the power of marketing, parental concerns and health & safety issues are keeping them indoors.

So I’ve been eager to share Project Wild Thing… and some lovely moments in nature we had this summer.

Then this morning I read Jeanine’s post (she’s writing every day in Nov, and I’m loving it!)… She got me thinking…

There I was praising nature for providing this amazing playground for our boys and us to learn and explore in… which, of course, it is.

I’d just never looked at nature this way – as Jeanine shared via Andrew… and this was just what I needed to hear today.

“The lesson to learn here is that nothing lasts. All things pass away. Whatever you are experiencing now is merely the precursor to what you will be experiencing next. The cold winter nights always turn into the warm spring sun… and back again. Nature allows the cycles to happen and never fights them. In fact, it understands that the cycles are what allows life to flourish. If the tides only came inward, we would all drown.”

and I was inspired to hit publish.

Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.

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  • Jeanine Stewart
    Posted at 15:02h, 16 November Reply

    effing hell, these are GORGEOUS. that one of your son jumping in the field of yellow flowers? sheer brilliance. xoxox

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