MAKING THE SUMMER COUNT - xanthe berkeley
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I recall reading an article a while ago and you know what stuck in my mind… that you only have 18 summers with your children…

What?! That’s not very many…

And I think 18 is even stretching it, it’s probably less…

So our boys are 11 and 9 so I’m over half way through my available summers… Thankfully I’ve been making them count already….

Part of going on our big adventure was that this time in our lives won’t come round again. We’re embracing life and seizing opportunities while we can, because sometimes you blink… and it’s all different, before you know it, life changes.

We all put things off coz life is so busy! but you know what?… it’s always going to be busy…That’s not going to change till we’re old enough to potter on the allotment and take naps on sofa in the middle of the afternoon.

We create our life this way, and that’s ok, because we can also fill it with goodness when we carve out time for what’s really important.

I’m a believer in not letting moments pass me by.

Ever since I’ve had a camera (stills or video) it’s been my mission to record my life, capture memories… making that extra effort, even when work or family commitments take over because I know I’ll want to look back at these times.

I did it last summer… Made a few films and those moments are precious.

Thank goodness I found the time to hangout & shoot just for pleasure, capturing our life. Then working with my memories by creating Time Capsules and not letting the footage disappear on some hard drive… I watch this and I’m taken right back… the feelings wash over me, of how much I missed Cosmo when he went to camp on his own… it’s pretty magic.

So, back to counting the summers… If the theory is right, I’ve got 7 (but probably less!) summers left with both boys together! Yikes!

This gives me fire in my belly to keep making memories through photos and videos… and make more summer Time Capsule films, just like I wrote it in my list – number #20.

What are your plans for your summer? How many do you have left with your children? Wanna make some memories together with them? you could join us for COLLABORATE… registration opens tomorrow… details here.

These photos are a few of my favourite iPhone pics from our big hopeful adventure… photos I wouldn’t have if my iPhone hadn’t been in my pocket at that moment… grateful indeed.




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