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Sharing my love of making films and teaching people from all over the world, is such a gift.

Every online course I run brings new people into my life and I get to encourage them to “SEE” their lives in a new way, by capturing their unique stories on film, to have FOREVER.

I can inspire them to try something new, to push through the barriers that making a film for the first time can bring… and then show them what’s possible if you’re willing to just give it a go… I can show them tips and tricks I wish I’d known, when I first started and then give them the support to learn while they’re making. And finally, I get to watch their stories and discover the details that really matter to them.

MAKE FILMS is a new course for 2016, you can find all the details about the course HERE & HERE. The first session is coming to an end and I’ve so enjoyed pouring so much into this course and watching an amazing collection of films appear each week, it’s been pretty magical.

Most of the films have been shared on Instagram, where a film is only 15 seconds… I’ve been so blown away by the creativity, I’m sharing a handful today – it was SO hard to pick which ones to feature, but I thought these were great examples of some of the weekly projects… I’ve also sprinkled a few testimonials at the end, as people have said some lovely things… and you might be reading this, thinking about joining in the next round and this might inspire you to join us.

All the details for the course starting tomorrow are HERE – registration will remain open till the end of March.

Let’s get on with the films! Maybe grab a cup of tea to enjoy while you’re watching?…

Each week there is a prompt or theme or filming technique to focus on… here are some of the films created…


circleofpines :: karenbhphotos :: locallovely :: sarahljohnstone


Kim Klassen :: Alexis Allen :: KatieJanew :: katherinelightner


AllisonGipson :: BonnieDuBois :: Francescarnyc :: lewesmap


breehester :: tressavent :: celinabailey :: thisisjules


juliabarnickle :: Debram56 :: carojonesphoto :: fionaannal :: electricdaisyflowerfarm


staceypotterphoto :: kellywills :: jsaad24 :: ashleybartner :: instannnnagram


Coldatnight :: nancymoon :: katekenny :: lovelylittlememoirs

AMAZING, right?? I hope you enjoyed watching these special stories…

See all the other films here #makefilmscourse

Now for some very kind words… and me blushing and smiling BIG because people are so very sweet.

“I have LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this course so very much. What a refreshing, beautiful, inspiring course and instructor. It is packed with tips and tricks to take your filming skills to the next level.  Each week offers a chance to grow creatively and gives you motivation to tackle some things you wouldn’t have tried on your own. Xanthe is practical, colorful in every way and insanely good at what she does. Jump in. You will treasure the journey it takes you on” – Kelly Wilis

“Learning more about film was a huge goal of mine in 2016 – and enrolling in this course was easily one of the best things I did to further my learning. I knew within the first week – that this course was something special. Not only is Xanthe full of incredible inspiration – her lessons are chock full of wonderful information – especially for those who are wanting to expand their knowledge in the film/video. (I now have a slight obsessions with #minimovies.) As an instructor – she is available, helpful and insanely supportive. I used to think films were slightly daunting and was overwhelmed with the process – Xanthe’s approach helps you tap into your creative self. In the past 10 weeks – I can safely say I have developed a true love for films and cannot wait to create more in the future.” – Allison Gipson

“I have been a student of Xanthe’s for several years and I absolutely love learning with her.  From the very first class, she gave me tools to understand every aspect of the filmmaking process and (more importantly) inspiration to use in my own films.  Anyone can give you the technical skills needed to make a film, but with Xanthe you have a creative teacher and guide who empowers and inspires beyond just the how-to.  I gasp a little each time I watch her work, and it spurs me on over and over again to create my own time capsules memories.” – Deb Achak 

“Make Films has helped me learn to see in new ways. Xanthe’s creativity, inspiration, and gentle nudges to capture the beauty of our every day lives is a gift that everyone should enjoy. I have learned so much about the importance of treasuring the simplicity of my life, as well as making sure I am a part of the films I have created during the Make Films Course.” – Katiusca Guzman

“I have so loved the Make Films course. I learned so much and was inspired to really see what I could do with video. Each week, I was asked to step out of my comfort zone and to create a film that I might not have considered before. I take a lot of online courses and it is rare that I complete each and every assignment, but for this class I came out with a new video each week. I’m so glad that I did – without doing so I would not have discovered that I have many different kinds of stories to tell. Xanthe is a gifted teacher. Her tutorials are easy to follow and even though I’ve made and edited films before, I learned something new each time. I will take any course that Xanthe offers because she is so warm and encouraging. I loved every second of this class. I might even take it again just to continue to be inspired.” -Bree Hester

“Make Films is one of the best ecourses I’ve ever done. It’s full of content and guidance, with plenty of opportunities for questions and feedback. I especially loved that we were able to share our movies and learn from each other. Thank you so much Xanthe! You’re an inspiration and amazing teacher! I can’t wait to sign up for one of your other courses.” – Dörte

“When I signed up for Xanthe’s course I wasn’t sure how much would be possible using just my phone camera but decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. I have loved learning how to look at things differently and have found that it’s made me take time to stop and see the world around me. It’s been so rewarding to see what’s possible and fun to be part of a lovely supportive online community too. Ten weeks flew by – I’ll miss the course but will keep on learning and filming. I love it and am grateful that it opened my eyes and let me see what’s possible, has allowed me to capture special people and moments and has taught me how to make cupcakes dance.” – Juliet Simmons

And finally… Lovely blog posts by Katherine Lightner & Laura Pashby

Thank you!





  • Clare
    Posted at 13:35h, 22 March Reply

    Wow these are amazing! I’ve just watched the films and signed up today. Cannot wait to get stated x

  • Nicole Leonard
    Posted at 05:00h, 22 March Reply

    Squeeeee! I’m in the course that starts tomorrow and I’m so excited!

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