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The next round of MAKE FILMS starts this week. I’m always excited to see who’s joining in and looking forward to seeing what they’ll create…

It’s been way too long since I shared some testimonials, so I thought I’d share a few of the kind words that have been said about my MAKE FILMS course. I’m so grateful that people make the time to share how the experience has been for them… their words make me extremely proud that they’ve gained so much from taking part.

Please take a read…

“I had no particular goal or expectation when I started the MAKE FILMS course. All I knew was that watching your films on instagram always brought about that nice and fluffy feeling of happiness to me. So I guess I wanted to experience even more of this great ‘mood lifter’ of a feeling. If some of your tips and tricks could rub off, even better, but to be honest, I was doubtful of my own ability to figure out how to get my DSLR to produce something worth showing, let alone sharing on IG. Now that the 10 weeks have passed I am the first one to be surprised at what I achieved. It is just the beginning of my journey, clearly. Nevertheless you put me on the right path from the beginning. What resonated the most is that you encouraged us learners to just do it, no matter what camera gear we have – or don’t have. That it is more about encapsulating a moment, an emotion for the future than about reaching award-winning-hollywood-feature-film levels. This doesn’t mean that you skipped on the technical part during this course, quite the opposite. You gave us the tools, the tips and the confidence and this, in the most casual and amicable way. Allowing us to see your earlier films was another highlight because it shows not only how you progressed (giving us complete beginners hope) but also says a lot about your lovely personality. It felt like a big sister taking me by the hand and encouraging me to take the next step, complimenting my attempts even. On second thought you are more like a really kind friend than a sister and I know I will miss your weekly messages in my inbox.”

– Anouchka  

“It’s all your fault. You fed my love for making movies and now I just can’t stop! It’s fantastic!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for creating the Make Films course and sharing your gifts with all of us. I’ve loved film for as long as I can remember but I just didn’t think I had the time to dedicate to it that it needed. You not only helped me to see how I could find the time in my daily life but your filming guidance helped me to discover new storytelling ideas and ways of capturing my world through a medium I absolutely adore. Thank you especially for the reminder to play. It’s something I encourage others in my life to do but often forget when it comes to my own life. Playing has opened doors and windows inside of me. There is no doubt that I will continue to play, explore and create films both personally and professionally from this point forward. Thanks for sharing your passion with the world. You are a true inspiration! “

– Natasha

“Let me share with you what your course has meant for me. Before I took your class I tried to figure iMovie out on my own and got so overwhelmed/angry at myself and the process, I quit. I’ve always taken lifestyle shots and could picture how they would look as movie, but was stuck. I didn’t know how to get the image from my head onto the screen. 

Then along came your course. The only online course I’ve ever finished and dreaded the end of. In fact, I’m still sad it’s over! From your authenticity to your creativity and in-depth lessons I truly felt like I’d been handed a gift with your course. I am now able to record film of my precious family as well as my photography clients. Just this week a client said “You made my mom and dad (the grandparents) BOTH cry with your film” and she meant the good tears, not the bad! (lol).

I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough for your easy to follow tutorials and creative spark. Because the creative spark is what sets you apart. You are an artist in the truest sense. I’ve seen plenty of “how-to” tutorials other places but none feel as if I’m watching an artist at work. Your course is the embodiment of that. Pure artwork.”

– Sara

There’s still time to register for this session of MAKE FILMS… Check out this blog post for more details.



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