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I’ve been following Jennie Maizels on Instagram for a while now… I saw her holiday sketchbooks last summer and fell in love with her drawing and beautiful documenting. I used to love creating sketchbooks with my photos and scribbles, but since going digital, places like Instagram help me keep a visual journal instead.

We finally met in real life at Blogtacular and Jennie’s passion for her work really shines through – I love that!

She was so excited about taking her in person sketchbook club, into an online format and having people all over the world take it… So much encouragement poured out of her, I just knew I was going to love it –

Jennie’s sketchbook club, breaks everything down, so you don’t fear the blank page – she gives you the brief and all the visual references to help create your own colourful pages. It’s a chance to sit and doodle with intention, step away from work & our screens and connect with something creative.

We’re SO enjoying it!

Any age or ability can take part, I’ve even managed to encourage the boys to join in – When they were younger, they used to draw all the time… but with busy social lives and screen time, they hardly draw any more… but sketchbook club is changing that.

We’ve only done two modules so far… I don’t want to rush through it! There are two more and we can always go back and create more pages from the first prompts… there are so many possibilities. Just take a look at the amazing community – #sketchbookclubhouses & #sketchbookclubfish

I can’t wait to fill my book with colour! – although I really want to learn how to do lettering like Jennie… hopefully that’s a module coming soon…

So looking forward to seeing Jennie at The Good Life Experience – with my sketchbook in hand, I’ll be camped out at her workshop soaking up more of her energetic spirit.

Thanks Jennie for injecting this little piece of creativity into my family life… it’s such a joy to be creating something tangible and to have this relaxing time connecting with our boys.

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