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There’s a lot of change happening for me at the moment. Which I’m finding difficult. Mostly because our eldest is going off to university this week and whilst I feel so excited for him, I also feel completely heart broken.
Even though I know things change all the time as a parent. I can’t stop crying when I think about him going, (not around him, of course).
I’m finding it sad that this part of being a parent is over and that we won’t see him everyday. Especially harder because of all the bonus time we had during lockdown (Please don’t tell me they end up moving back home because that won’t help how I’m feeling at the moment).
I know these feelings are intensified because of the other major change which happening. I’m sure Peri-menopause is in full swing and these hormonal changes are not fun physically and mentally, and getting help is taking a while because women’s health isn’t always taken that seriously. Even though we’re half the population! But that’s a whole other discussion for another time.
Anyway, I’ve no doubt I’ll come out the other side with positive stories to share but for now I’m feeling all the feelings. Please send more tissues… I’m going to need them this week.
And if you’re going through any of this as well, I’m sending virtual hugs

(This post was originally on Instagram, but I wanted it here as well)


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