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The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of goodness, tiredness, and gratefulness.

I don’t really know where to begin… how to put it into words, how to gather all my images and how to share this journey in all it’s glory. Coz it was good, SO GOOD, the kind of good where you are constantly questioning “is this really happening to me?” “who am I… to be here, soaking this all up?”

“AWESOMEly good”

There is plenty more to come. Plenty, I tell ya.

  • kim klassen
    Posted at 00:04h, 01 November Reply

    i love you…and i love what leonie said…..


  • Tamar Haytayan
    Posted at 21:04h, 31 October Reply

    and we are eagerly waiting for what is to come Xanthe as you are pure magic and all things lovely. x

  • leonie wise
    Posted at 14:01h, 31 October Reply

    I am re-reading The Creative Habit. And something that Twyla writes, jumped right into my head as I read your words “who am I …”

    She quotes E.B. White saying habitually creative people are “prepared to be lucky”. You don’t get lucky without preparation and there’s no sense in being prepared if you are not open to the possibility of a glorious accident.

    I think you are lucky because you see opportunities and you are prepared for them. Yep, that’s what I think.

    Open to possibility… One of the things I adore about you.


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