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Summer is off to a good start!

We’ve already had one packed weekend of goodness – Camping & a little festival here in London.

Lots more adventures planned with my family…

I’m excited about some lovely creative collaborations too.

First is Insta-guide with Kim Klassen – Our guide to everything we love about Instagram and how it can help grow your creativity and business… The early bird offer ends tomorrow & the course starts on the 17th August, so there’s still time to dive in. Let us share our passion for this inspiring app.

Also, there is This Summer I’m #printingmyphotos with Susie… Where we have promised to print our photos taken this summer. IT’S TIME TO GET PRINTING! I’ve got my first bunch of pics ready to go… I’ll share my process and where I’ve been printing in a post soon.

We’re off to Somersault Festival again this weekend! Looking forward to dancing in a field – rain or shine.

See you on the other side! It’s all GOOD!

If you’d love to be making films this summer – check out my online courses… lots of information HERE.  The summer is a wonderful time to be making magic with video… even simple 15 second films on Instagram can capture all the memories you need.



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