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My talented friend Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books had an exhibition of her prints… her opening night was a lovely gathering of friends and family… you can see more photos & read all about here.

A photo shoot for the wonderful Kim B and her growing beauty business, it’s really inspiring watching other women make a success out of something they love to do.

Here in London, Autumn has well and truly arrived… the freshness in the air and changeable weather, we’ve been making the most of getting outside on those bright sunny days.

…Whilst trying to not get too overwhelmed by all that’s on my plate at the moment… packing up our house, trying to find a new home, planning my trip to Oasis, organising the family, work/life/money… oh you know, everything! There’s been a little too much DC consumed I tell ya! But I’m staying on track, and taking BIG DEEP breaths and filling up with gratitude.



If you’re interested in joining the next round of Creating Time Capsules, registration is OPEN… all the details are here.

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