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Mega week over here… it’s been busy, happy making & overwhelming all at the same time…

Busy prepping for Blogtacular – which starts tonight. I’m doing a photo walk tomorrow, which I’m really excited about and then at the last minute, there was a request to do a talk about my films & storytelling through video. So I’ve been battling with Keynote (aarrrgghhh!) and going through my Creating Time Capsules material to put a talk together, that will hopefully inspire others to shoot their stories…  feeling a wonderful mix of nerves and excited anticipation.

Blogtacular looks set to be loads of fun with chance to hang out with some lovely online friends. If you’re attending – do come over and say hi to me and if you can’t make it, then follow along on Instagram.

Another big project, has been adapting a film I made last year, for Canon’s Mother’s day campaign in the USA – I love my camera, so was really happy to encourage others to buy Canon.

The past weekend brought fun times in Nice, with all my girlfriends plus their husbands and children, to celebrate our friend’s 40th… it was the most beautiful setting for lunch.

Walking around beautiful Nice was stunning & we even managed a quick trip to the beach… which is impressive with over 12 adults & 12 children!

Till next week… when I’ll be back with news of registration for Creating Time Capsules this summer, which is set to open soon!

Have a great weekend x.


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