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Lately, I’ve been focused.

I’ve been trying to make things happen. Head down and doing.  Both work and personal stuff.

The summer was about playing, just being a family and carrying on adventuring, because that’s what’s important to me… to us. These boys of ours are growing up and there aren’t many summers left together, so this was the one to hold onto the most. Make some memories just for us.

Then there’s my creative work… what I’d like to achieve… what needs to happen next to sustain this life & what’s important to me….

So I brought my attention back to the list I made on my birthday. A sort half way marker to see how I was doing and where I needed to bring myself back on track… what needs to happen next? and what am I avoiding? What’s just not happening because fear & circumstance kicks in?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that lots has been ticked off or in progress (about 16 things!), but there’s still plenty to be done! It’s time to focus, build and step into action… so I’m calling on the power of putting it out there to assist me, and I’ve got a few posts prepared sharing how I’m getting along with making some of the list happen…

Stay tuned…


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