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I love taking photos, but I mostly love making films. Especially little ones like these… There are so many ways to communicate an idea or tell a story through film –

A stop motion of spoons…

or a collection of clips from my weekend…

Tea time told very calmly and slowly… and filled with gorgeous light!

Or adventures to far away places.

These films are my love… I adore thinking of how to create the crazy idea of dancing spoons & scissors or how to squeeze clips of beautiful places and wonderful moments into a delightful film.

SO I’m super excited to share a new online course with you… so you can make all of these kinds of films. I’m busy planning and putting together something brand new to share this magic with everyone… stay tuned – details are coming next week!

If you’d like to be the first to know all the details – sign up HERE.


During November, I’m taking part in a month long blogging challenge – leaving a few words or photos or films here everyday – #NaPhoPoMo

Some of my friends are taking part – Kim :: Karen :: Andrea :: Jeanine :: Barb :: Kelly :: Bella :: – If you’re joining in, please leave your URL so I can add you to my list – Thanks! :: Cassandra :: Mascaraandmud



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