xanthe berkeley | #HURRAYFORPLAY – WEEK TWO
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From what I’ve seen on Instagram and Twitter lots of you have been playing and creating so beautifully… you’ve jumped head first into the #HurrayForPlay project that Sara and I started last week.

For the past week I’ve played with neutrals and found a little colour, you can see some of my pics and films on Instagram (I’ll do a round up post at some point)… and we’re sharing some of our favs from the hashtag over on the newsletter – You’re welcome to join up to HERE.

Onto this week’s prompt…

WEEK TWO – 8th – 14th May – Playing & creating inside &/or outside.

We’re often drawn to create in an environment that inspires and is familiar to us. Use this week to shoot where you are comfortable but also try something new…

Inside might be your preferred location – this could be in your home where you know the best spots to frame a shot or inside a favourite place.

Or it could be outside in your neighbourhood, perhaps you live in the city or countryside.

You could encourage yourself to shoot where you’re not familiar and it offers a little challenge – perhaps you never take your camera outside? or you struggle to find the best light in your home.

Mix it up this week by shooting both indoors and outdoors.

Let this week’s focus be looking for different types of light. Whether inside or outside… look for the light.

Inside – this could subtle window light or shadows created by the sun beaming in. You can make your scenes bright or moody. Outside – look for sun flare, shadows & silhouettes, if the sun comes out… or if it’s overcast or rainy, play with that flat even light or create something a little moody.

Whatever direction you go in… have fun and play! – Make time for experimenting… No worries about the result. It’s about the journey not the destination. Let’s see what this week brings…

Hurray for PLAY!

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