xanthe berkeley | #HURRAYFORPLAY – WEEK THREE
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Halfway through the month of #hurrayforplay – a little fun project I’m hosting with Sara

Have you been enjoying the experience of creating through play? I know I have! Even the small pockets of time I’ve had this past week, have made me happy – I’ve been looking at light in playful way.

SO on to this week…

WEEK THREE – 15th – 21st May – Play by capturing scenes that are still &/or moving.

For this week there are a few directions you can take. As we’ve suggested each week, try something new or create in the way that feels comfortable – it’s up to you how you PLAY.

The focus is “capturing a scene” – these could be quiet moments or fun playful moments. They could be scenes you’ve set up and styled yourself or real life situations.

We wanted to add a new element this week, by adding the option to play with making something that moves and shooting some video. (But feel free to stick with photography as well).

Explore Cinemagraphs & Boomerangs or short clips of video to see your scenes in a new way… for tips for how to use these, check out – Xanthe’s post about Boomerangs & Sara’s post about Cinemagraphs.

Here are the apps & some tags to help get you started –

Cinemagraphs – MaskArt is free and simple to use. Check out #cinemagraphs for the magic in action.

Boomerang – iPhone & Android – These Boomerang tags have tons of inspiration – #boomerangoftheweek  #boomerangbangbang #boomerangforinstagram

As ever… experiment, play and have fun. If you create anything you love, share it over on Instagram or Twitter with #hurrayforplay for Sara & I to see.







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