xanthe berkeley | #HURRAYFORPLAY – WEEK FOUR
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Three weeks of #hurrayforplay have whizzed by! Nothing like a creative project to speed up time.

Did you try a cinemagraph or boomerang last week? I struggled with the cinemagraph if I’m honest… a little too ghostly for my taste, but certainly fun to try. I do prefer a boomerangor two!

We’re moving into our final week (for this round) of #hurrayforplay – Let’s go out with a bang and create lots of amazing work this week, through play!

WEEK FOUR – 22nd – 29th May – Play with capturing a story that’s imaginary &/or from real life.

Your imaginary scenes can give you a chance to let your imagination run away with you… and set something up you’ve only dreamed of creating.

Your real life scenes are happening all around you, look at the everyday (and sometimes mundane) details in a new light and elevate them by capturing it a beautiful way.

Each weekly prompt so far, has had focuses and ideas that have crossed over slightly, so feel free to incorporate any of them into this week’s prompt… For example, last week we explored shooting video clips in the shape of cinemagraphs & boomerangs, or the weeks before we took photos that shared light or colour, so you could play with those again, as you shoot ‘make believe’ or everyday beauty stories.

An additional focus for you if you choose… Shooting with a mobile device &/or DSLR. We tend to have our go-to cameras… it could be a mix of phone or DSLR… but we stick to our favourite set up and often forget about those cameras collecting dust (or maybe that’s just Sara & I?!)

Use this week to pick up your camera (or lens or piece of equipment) that’s been neglected and remember why you loved it. Step out of your usual creative set up and see what happens.

Enjoy this last week together… and as ever, just experiment and play… focus more on the process than the result. But if you do create something you love, share it with Sara & I on the hashtag #hurrayforplay on Instagram or Twitter.

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