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Recently I was invited by the lovely Sara Tasker to chat on her podcast #hashtagauthentic – If you haven’t listened to my episode yet… please check it out –The Power of Personal Projects.

I shared some of my favourite personal projects… the things I learnt from them, why I love them and how important they’ve been for the work I do now.

During the conversation, Sara and I toy with the idea of doing a project together, because collaborations or working in a group can be very motivating and keep us accountable… so something has been bubbling and we’ve decided that the month of May is all about PLAY… and we’d LOVE you to join us.

Each week there will be two opposite directions to focus your creative play and a suggestion to explore something, like a technique or subject. You can use the prompt literally or make it your own. This is just the starting point and something to get you excited about creating through which ever medium you prefer… there are no rules, it’s just about play… and creating something just to create.

Hurray for PLAY! Make time for experimenting… No worries about the result. It’s about the journey not the destination. Who knows what we’ll create.

WEEK ONE – 1st – 7th May – Playing with Colour &/or Neutrals.

We’re often drawn to a particular colour palette in our work. Use this week to play with colours you love or dip your toes into a different spectrum of tones.

Try playing with some props when representing your chosen palette – colourful ones or muted tones… there are so many possibilities!

With each weekly project you’re welcome to explore one of the topics or both… you can stick to one if it’s familiar to you and you’d like to dive into deeper into that theme or you can go with the opposite one, where you can experiment in a different area and perhaps discover a different way of creating. You can even try both!! The kind of work or amount of it you produce, is up to you…

Just a reminder – This project is primarily about creating while playing… just for the sake of creating, rather than sharing it. As we can often get caught up on making something because of how it will be received by an audience, rather than because we love it. So there’s no pressure to share what you’re creating, but if you do make something you LOVE and want to put it out there… It would be great to see it – Use the hashtag #HurrayForPlay (we used the English spelling) you could share it on Instagram or in your Instagram Stories or make a blogpost with your creations or give us a sneak peek on Twitter or wherever you choose to share.

I’m looking forward to having this little project motivate me this month. Sara and I hope you’ll join us in this playtime – visit our blogs on a Monday for the weekly prompts & more tips and inspiration can be sent direct to your inbox… please sign up over HERE.

Are you in? LET’S PLAY IN MAY!






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