HOOVERING IS MY ZEN - xanthe berkeley
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I never used to like hoovering*, even though a clean house makes me feel contented.

For years I would moan about having to hoover, especially when the boys were little and the crumb situation was always abundant… in fact, there were times when I wished we had a handheld device, just so I could follow them around and suck up the dropped bits of rice cakes left in their trail.

A while ago I decided that hoovering is part of life and you can either fight it or make peace with it.

So I created zen hoovering…. a calm zone I can get into where hoovering feels good.

While I move back and forth across the floor, I let my mind wonder and think about creative projects, or solutions to ideas I’m working on. I make mental lists of things to do or places to go. I reminisce and smile. I dream about living in our forever house and how we will never have red carpets (which we currently have in our rented abode) – they’re such a pain… maybe the forever house won’t even have carpets? White painted floor boards just like Kims are my current favourite flooring plan.

In my mind, hoovering no longer sucks (had to slip a pun in there!)… Hoovering and I are now friends. I’ve even found it can lift a bad mood – who would’ve thought that would ever be possible?


*Vacuuming – Updated to add this definition because hoovering is a British thing.


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  • Jeanine Stewart
    Posted at 16:07h, 29 November Reply

    love this. so true, isn’t it? same can be said of doing the dishes.

  • Talia Carbis
    Posted at 04:21h, 09 November Reply

    At first I had no idea what you were talking about, and then I realised you’re talking about vacuuming!! haha! I actually quite like vacuuming – mostly because it has such a strong impact on the clean-ness of the room, and you can feel it under your feet when it’s clean…
    I definitely wish I had a cordless one though just to do some annoying kid clean ups you mentioned!

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