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Back in May I read this post by Sas… and it’s really stayed with me… especially this bit –

When you talk about your home, you are talking about your life.”

Where we’re living at the moment is temporary, so there’s a sense of limbo… and that’s a real reflection of life right now. It’s like we’re in the space in between… waiting for the next chapter to begin. This is neither bad or good.

It just is.

As I’ve been focusing on my list lately, it’s clear that we’d love Number #11 to happen… to buy a home again – we’d like to make a new space really ours. This isn’t possible just yet in the grand scheme of things, but the intention is there.

One afternoon over the summer break, upon returning from some adventure… I focused on making memories from this place that’s home for now.

Nothing special was happening… in fact nothing happened at all. No big story. Just us hanging out. It’s pretty ordinary, but that’s often where beauty can be found and memories can be preserved.

This is a stop-motion film… using only stills – shot & edited in a short amount of time… I’ll share how you can make simple films like this in Creating Time Capsules. – Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!



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  • Arabella
    Posted at 17:59h, 25 September Reply

    We have three kids. This summer we packed up and put out house (the beautiful old white wooden one with a big kitchen and real fireplace and a massive garden) on the market (for various reasons) and are living in a high rise apartment. Two bedrooms, no fireplace, kitchen the size of my thumbnail and no green anything. It’s temporary for us too. But I so hear you. I know just what this is like. This temporary living. This space inbetween. I’m there too. I get the not bad – not good thing. There is lots I’m grateful for. But it is HARD. Particularly for me as the Mother – I feel the weight of making ‘home’ for everyone. xo xo xo

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