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Can I tell you a little bit more about my new online course? – Handmade Film Making starts tomorrow on Dec 6th.

Let’s begin with, why is it focused around the mobile phone? Well, it’s pretty amazing that you can shoot, edit and share all on this device, we hold in our hands. You don’t need fancy equipment, you don’t have to worry about what the correct settings are. It’s the camera that’s with most of us daily. This keeps it super simple and gives you the chance to concentrate on what’s happening in front of the camera, the stories you want to tell and the best way to capture them. I think the phone is a pretty amazing tool to create with and I wanted a course that centred around it, as a way to help overcome the blocks that people face when wanting to start shooting video.

I’m often asked “How do I start shooting video and making films?” and my answer is “You should start making films…” I’m big believer in learning by doing. There is so much to gain by going through the process. So that’s what this #handmadefilmmaking course is going to offer – a chance to play, experiment and learn as we make films all on a mobile phone.

Now, let me tell you why creating a series of “Day In The Life” films is our project for the course… Firstly, it’s a relatively easy project to complete because it doesn’t require you to do anything special. It’s just about capturing what you’re already doing that day, in your own unique creative way. A chance to notice and celebrate the ordinary moments of your life, as it is right now. I’ll be encouraging you make a series of these daily films every day for a week…it’s good to commit to creating daily because you get a chance to practice and hone your skills, learn from your mistakes & wins and get quicker at the process of shooting & editing. You’ll begin to build a new habit and a new way of seeing your world, this can encourage you to continue shooting beyond the course.

Plus, the DITL is one of my favourite projects because you’ll have all these wonderful everyday moments, packaged up into a film which will be such great memories in years to come.

Just like this collection of daily films I made back in September.

Registration is open now, if you’d like to join in. More details over HERE.

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