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Just wrapped up the May session of my online course – Handmade Film Making. This was the third time to run it during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’ve seen in previous sessions it’s been such a tonic to have that daily creative focus. Participants have a chance to concentrate on learning something new or refine skills and make mini films of this unique time, keeping the process simple, by using just a phone to shoot and edit their videos.

This daily practice of videoing my day helps me notice the little joys and everyday moments. Plus, I can see what a unique time in our lives this is, even when I look back to March 2020, I can see the differences and similarities.

I love watching the daily videos from everyone taking part all over the world, it was so heartwarming being transported into people’s homes and lives through their stories, created using just their phone. The course hashtag –#handmadefilmmaking is bursting with creativity and positivity.

These films are going to be so fascinating to watch again in years to come.

Here’s what some have said about the experience in May –

“Thank you so much for the care and creativity you have filled this course with. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and easy to create mini films of my day in the life, and it’s truly heartwarming to know that I now have the skill to capture moments with beauty to keep forever – in a way I will really enjoy watching again. Even my mum, who lives on the same property as me – saw my slow-mo film and thought “Wow, I’d love to live there!” and then realised, but she does! hahaha. It’s just a testament to you that within one week, I was able to create a film that captured a feeling so well – not an easy thing to do, but you made it easy. 

Thank you so much again, I am forever inspired.” – Hayley

“Xanthe’s Handmade Film Making course was a real inspiration to me. Xanthe has a great way of taking you through her tips and tricks for making quick and easy films that really capture those every day moments. Through this course I found my lost creative spark and throughly enjoyed shooting, editing and sharing my films, while recording family memories and treasures for us to look back on in years to come.

Thanks for creating this course.” – Jo

Feeling inspired to start making videos and documenting life right now, using your phone?. The Handmade Film Making course will run again in July, so come and join in, if you can. (There’s also a self-paced session if you can’t wait till then.)

The Handmade Film Making course starts July 16th. All the details are HERE.

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