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Handmade Film Making course is happening again next week!. 

Handmade Film Making is a 10 day course is all about creating films as easily as possible… I’ll be encouraging you and sharing tips to shoot video on your phone because it’s the camera we have with us everyday. Then, I’ll take you through editing your film together in apps I’ve tried and tested… Your film will be ready to enjoy and share in no time!.

We’ll be making daily films for a week, as the course is based around my favourite project the Day In The Life film. I regularly make these films, as I love capturing everyday details and ordinary moments to look back on in years to come.

People come away from the course with a series of films and a reminder of how beautiful their lives are.

“I had the most wonderful time capturing my life’s everyday moments. I didn’t realise how full and beautiful my life really was until I started capturing these seemingly unimportant moments. And now I’m always thinking about capturing the little things we do, because they tell our story. Thanks Xanthe for the support throughout the course, making it easy to understand the process, and for sharing your passion of film making with us!” – Angélica  

The Handmade Film Making course is a fun challenge… with a commitment to creating daily films, you learn by doing and with each film you make, you get quicker and better at the process. 

We’ll be starting on 19th March – Come and join us… For more details about  head over here…

“I had so much fun in Xanthe’s Handmade Film Making course! During the 10 day workshop, I completed 5 personal films! It was extremely freeing to shoot on the go with my phone. Xanthe is warm and encouraging and just pushes you to DO IT. Making one film a day for a week sounds daunting but there is something instructive about having a limited time frame and building proficiency quickly. This course is great for beginners but is also great for more experienced folks who have gotten away from making personal films or films just for the fun of it.” – Carrie

“I want to thank you for opening the door to the video world for me. Until your course I was hamstrung as to what to do with a video. Not anymore and I am super excited to explore and play and will most definitely continue on. Your instructional videos were very very helpful and seeing all the videos were so inspiring.” – Lisa

“I’ve always found film intimidating. This course opened my eyes to the beautiful moving parts of my life. Day by day, clip by clip, I began to see and capture the moving-magic of my life. I made 6 day-in-a-life films in 10 days! How amazing is that? Everyone with a mobile phone should take Handmade Film Making.” – Kim

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